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"REDEEMED" Street Outreach Ministry 


Stretching out to help reform, repair and restore a wider community.


To have a constant support system in place where the homeless feel welcome, love, and guidance. To establish a foundation for our clients and future clients while they learn how to maintain a stable life, job, and housing. To change the communities outlook on the homeless population by education and interaction. Finally, to grow constantly to meet the needs of the homeless and stand united against the homeless crisis.

Core Values:

Appreciating Diversity in Character

Every person in existence is unique and thus our approach to individual success must be individualized and equally unique.

Gracious Professionalism:

We respect all avenues of Human Service, but strive to improve conventional models for the sake of Homeless and At-Risk.

Loving Everyone Unconditionally:

Every Human deserves the benefit of Compassion; we strive to love all inside and outside our program.


Re-Entry Peer Support Program

The relationship between homelessness and incarceration is, all too often, cyclical: nationwide, about 15 percent of people in jail or prison report some history of homelessness, and anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of individuals in homeless shelters have a history of incarceration. Surviving and escaping homelessness is challenging in any context. For people exiting prison, the challenges are only compounded: even absent of homelessness, individuals with criminal histories often struggle to find work, locate stable housing, access services and integrate into their surrounding communities.

 Reentry programs are proven to help recidivism rates among all ex-offenders regardless of sex, race or creed. Many ex-offenders have a very hard time on the outside after serving their sentences. Reentry programs also allow ex-offenders to befriend others that are in their same position. This offers a support system that can be helpful and also promotes a team environment.

The REDEEMED Re-Entry program empowers people on probation or parole to overcome personal challenges, connect to community resources, locate employment and help secure housing.

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