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The Brenda Allen Community Resource Center 

Souled Out Community Outreach proudly presents the

 Brenda Allen Community Resource Center. The resource center provides information for housing, shelters, education, vocational training, mental health services, AODA services, and much more.

The center was founded to celebrate the memory of Brenda Allen, a woman who dedicated her live helping anyone who crossed their paths. An angel sent from heaven to uplift the human spirit through love in action!

About Brenda Allen

Brenda lived a majestic life that moved swiftly. She went from playing hopscotch to a big career of a servant to all who crossed or was referred to her kingdom. Her tiny brown ears listened to unbroken rivers of sorrow, love, anger, hunger, laughter, joy, and pain that all awaited her to calm a world of chaos.

Brenda’s wisdom seduced the world; children, wives, husbands, politicians, professionals—all stood in line, a line that was infused with loudness that would disturb the world, but not Brenda.

She heard each of their words as they emptied out all the deep pain of disappointment. Brenda swallowed each word we said as she composts up our strength to have faith in the unseen and believe in our Master. 

Community Resources

We provide resources to address certain issues in the community, such as homelessness, housing, 

employment, job training, peer support education and much more.

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